Building an Instagram following is an important step in building your brand and audience. Here are a few of our tips below for starting a new Instagram page: 

Specific Hashtags

Make sure you utilise hashtags especially when your in the early stages of building your following. The key with hashtags is to keep them relevant to your business and image you've posted. For example as a wedding planner in Brisbane I will often hashtag #brisbaneweddings under my images. I have discovered many people have found my page through this and its very specific to my local area and the  images I upload. If you're a fashion blogger you will notice a few common hashtags like #ootd, #styleblogger and #fashionblogger. These are all great ways to help people find you in a growing number of Instagram pages.

Engaging with similar businesses

Engagement is also key on Instagram. I have made some incredible business relationships and friends through Instagram and its all came from engaging with other similar businesses to my own. Comment, like and follow other businesses you love.

Utilising good quality professional photos

With Instagram the big thing that is going to sell your product or service you offer is the quality of your images. I'm sure we all make this mistake when we are starting out  and use some questionable images! Remember the quality of your images is key. If you have to think to long about a particular image and if it really fits your aesthetic and style then don't post it. You want your page to be full of beautiful high quality images that reflect you and your business. That's where our inspiration for our styled image library came from!

Having some consistency throughout your page

Don't just post a mishmash of random photos that don't fit in nicely together. Have a quick look at all the Instagram pages you love and I'm sure you will discover a couple things, all their images work nicely together and images are all of a high quality. I would also discourage anyone from reposting other people’s images to often. I personally don't like to use other businesses images at all but depending on what your business entails this could work differently for you. Just make sure you have permission by that person to repost and that it still works in with your style. 

Show some personality

Create your own style and aesthetic! Don't just copy someone else's style and look. You want your Instagram to reflect you and your unique brand. I also like to see a few personal images included in Instagram accounts to get to know the business and person I'm actually following. Do stay away though from posting too many images of yourself, children or animals! Show the things you love and what you've been up to. Showing some of your personality will help your followers to engage with you and start to understand what your business is all about! 

Remember not to be too discouraged if it takes you a long time to grow your Instagram. Its far better to have 100 followers that engage with your brand than to have 10,000 who will never buy from you or engage with you in anyway. Growing a quality audience on your Instagram is an important step for building your brand but of course for many businesses you want your following to match your targeted audience. 

We hope these tips have been helpful to anyone starting out. Happy Instagramming! 

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