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Choosing Fonts For Your Brand


Choosing Fonts For Your Brand

Just like images and colours, different fonts evoke different emotions, which means they play a role in bringing a voice and personality to your brand. The right font can help to drive home your brand message, the wrong font, or combination of fonts, can work against it.

If you are just starting to think about your brand, or if you feel that you may need to re-brand, we have some tips to help you make the right font choices.

The first step is to consider what characteristics you want your brand to convey?  For example;

·         Fun

·         Serious

·         Edgy & Arty

·         Trustworthy?

To answer this question you need to have an understanding of who your target market/ideal customer is and what type of emotions you want them to experience when they interact with your brand.  Knowing this will help you to narrow your font choice down.

Font Categories

Fonts fall into categories or families and those categories are generally accepted as reflecting a type of personality, or style.  There are many categories when it comes to fonts but there are 4 main ones that are helpful for you to know more about

Serif (2).png


  • Serif: Serif fonts have lines attached the ends of their letters (sometimes called feet). This family of fonts is generally thought to look more serious or traditional.  Examples: Times New Roman, Centaur, Baskerville and Garamond
  • Sans-Serif (without serif):  These fonts don’t have the extra lines (feet) on the ends of letters, which gives them a more modern and streamlined appearance.  Examples:  Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva.
  • Script: Scripts are what we might think of as cursive or handwriting style fonts. They generally have connecting letters. Script fonts come in many different styles, from elegant, to fun and casual, to hand-drawn.  Examples:  Brush Script. French Script, Lucinda Calligraphy and Coronet. 
  • Decorative / Display: These fonts are all designed to get your attention.  They’re often more unusual than practical and should be used sparingly and for specific purposes. Examples:  Burford, Utopia, Carousel and Stencil.

Thinking about your brand and your ideal customer, do some research to find more fonts which fall into each category. You can also check out some of our favourites on Pinterest.

Putting Fonts To Work

Once you have an understanding of the fonts available to you, you need to consider what jobs you need your fonts to do? Where will they be displayed and what will you be using them for? For example;

·         Logo & Tagline

·         Headers

·         Body Text

·         Accents

Guidelines for choosing the right fonts for your brand

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the right fonts for your brand, there are some guidelines you will find helpful to follow;

1.    Make your logo font distinct from the fonts you use for other purposes.  This will allow your logo to stand out from the information on your website and in your marketing materials.

2.    Create contrast when pairing fonts by mixing up font categories, weights and sizes.

3.    Give each font a job and be consistent in how you use them



As I said earlier, there are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow when selecting and combining fonts but it is generally accepted that serif and sans serif fonts work well together.  Try a serif header with a sans serif body or vice versa.

Script and Decorative or Display fonts don’t work as well together because of their bold look. Instead, try contrasting a Script/Display or Decorative font with a Serif or Sans Serif font.


There are some great resources available to help you narrow down your fonts choices. We can’t recommend Pinterest enough for finding inspiration for everything, including Fonts. Our Typography board is a great place to start.  There are also a number of sites you can head to buy fonts and download fonts.  We like FontSquirrel and MyFonts, as both give you the option to try out your font choices.

If you need help designing your brand and choosing the right fonts, contact us to find out more about our Custom Brand Styling.



Getting Started With Blogging


Getting Started With Blogging

So you have a blog.  Congratulations!  A blog is a useful tool that will help you establish your brand identity online.  But now that you have it, do you have a plan for how you are going to consistently post content to it? Do you know what you are going to write about and how often?

If the answer is no, or I am not sure, or yes, but I am not really doing it, we are going to help you.  Blogging might be enjoyable for you if you just write when the mood takes you, but if you need your blog to work hard for your business, you have to have a strategy for how often you will post and what you are going to write about.  To help you develop a strategy we will be sharing a series of tips with you over the coming weeks.  So let's get started.



How much time do you have?  

My experience of working with people in their businesses as a Mentor has taught me that most of us underestimate the time tasks take and also have little idea of how much time we actually have available to us, to devote to the tasks we want to complete.  So for me the question of how much time do you have is one I encourage you to ask about any aspect of your business and things you want to commit to.  The easiest way to do this is sit down and write out what you do each day and how long it takes.  If you are not sure that you can do this accurately get yourself one of those diaries that have a day to a page and as you move through your day, record what you did when, so you can start to see where you have time available for new work, like blogging.  It might sound a bit laborious but it is honestly the most accurate way to determine what time you have available, or what time you can re-assign.

Having little time is not a reason not to blog by the way.  You just need to understand how much time you have to do it, so you can do it, consistently.


Once I might have asked, how often do you think you should post, or how often are your competitors posting, but with experience I have come to realise that what a dedicated audience wants, is quality and consistency. And what you want, is a dedicated audience.

If you have a favourite magazine that you buy every month you will know what I mean when I say, readers like to know when they are going to get your next hit of content.  So strive towards a regular posting habit, rather than going in with all guns blazes one week and then leaving your reader with nothing new to read for the next 3 weeks.  And be conservative. If you think you can post 3 times a week, maybe 4, commit to 2, strive for 3 and on those weeks when the planets align and you have something meaningful to say, give them 4.  Which brings me to the subject of quality.

Quality over Quantity 

Instead of pumping out a pretty ordinary post every day, consider how much time it will take you to produce quality content that actually helps your reader in some way. That is what your audience is after.  They won't return to your blog to read posts you have only published because they are jam-packed with keywords designed to drive readers to your blog. They want to be informed, inspired, entertained and challenged.

If you are new to the blogging game set yourself the task of writing the best blog post you can possibly write and time yourself doing it. Whilst you are at it, time yourself researching the topic, planning the outline of the post, finding the images you need and styling them so they send out just the right message to your readers.  Now go to your blog and set it all up and schedule it.  How long did that take?  Longer than you expect I bet.  But that is the time it takes and whilst you will get quicker as time goes on and when you have an Editorial Calendar in place (more on that in a future post), you should never get quicker because you cut corners, or lowered your standards.  Quality over Quantity  - Always!

Tip:  Don't be intimidated by the need to write quality content.  You will be writing about your area of expertise and with your target audience in mind. Trust that you know your stuff!

What Now

Once you know how long it takes you to write a good quality blog post and what time you have available to write those posts, you can determine how often you are going to post and on what days.  There is a lot of talk about what days are best to post to grab a reader's attention but opinions differ widely.  I recommend trying different days and times to find the right one for your audience.

In our next post we will share our tips for Planning your Blog content.





Styled Images With A Touch Of Greenery


Styled Images With A Touch Of Greenery

Since the year 2000 the Pantone Color Institute has given us a 'Color of the Year' each year and each time these colours have reflected the current cultural climate.  Towards the end of last year, Pantone declared Greenery to be the Color of the Year for 2017.  

“There’s a growing desire to reconnect with Nature and what is real and find ways to disconnect from technology. We need a break. We need to stop and breathe,” Laurie Pressman, the Pantone Color Institute’s vice president, told FORBES. “(Greenery) is about unity and community—connecting to oneself and others and a higher purpose, Nature.”

Greenery Styled Stock Photography

We couldn't love this colour and all shades of green more here at Styled Images.  Our own experience is that images featuring natural elements and greenery draw people to 'consume your content'.  And we agree that that the current love of the colour and even using actual greenery in styling, is related to people's desire to, reconnect .  And this is why we have filled our library with natural images and ones that celebrate 'green'.  

Using our Touch of Green images in your blog and social media posts, or on your website will encourage your audience to pause and take the time to really absorb the message you have for them.  

To download these images and more simply subscribe to the Styled Images Stock Library. We hope you enjoy this small selection of images featuring green, from the library.


Ring Box Editorial Shoot - Part 3


Ring Box Editorial Shoot - Part 3

The final part of our Ring Box Editorial Shoot we styled!

If you are looking for help showcasing your brand, your website or blog, in print and via social media, we can help you with creating a unique custom styled shoot for your business.  Whether you have an actual product, or a service to offer, consider collaborating with our creative team to find the right look for your Brand.  We create beautifully styled and photographed shoots highlighting your individual style.  

Our Branding package is ideal for businesses seeking to fill their website, blog and/or social media with the right content, but need some help bringing it all together.  Contact us for further information.


Vendors from this beautiful shoot: 

Photography: @justforlovephotography
Jewellery: @dadlanijewels by @privatejeweller
Stylist: @styled_images
Paper Goods: @theinkrefinery
Silk Ribbon: @songbirdsilk (for those applicable)
Confectionery: @nfconfectionery



Ring Box Editorial Shoot - Part 2


Ring Box Editorial Shoot - Part 2

Excited to be sharing part 2 of a little shoot we did a couple weeks back with Kylie from Just for Love Photography for a Ring Box Editorial shoot. We loved being part of this shoot and having a chance to focus more on getting the perfect flat lay rather than styling models, venues and larger settings. 

With a focus on showcasing the gorgeous ring boxes from an up and coming business Amonie Ring Boxes we created several different looks which we will show you in the next few parts of this series. 


Photography: @justforlovephotography
Jewellery: @dadlanijewels by @privatejeweller
Stylist: @styled_images
Paper Goods: @whiteinkdesignco
Confectionery: @nfconfectionery (for those applicable)
Paper Goods: @whiteinkdesignco
Confectionery: @nfconfectionery (for those applicable)



Creating Your Brand Story


Creating Your Brand Story

As soon as you start researching anything about branding, you will see the phrase, brand story, pop up.  Great phrase, but was does it mean exactly and why do you need one?  Here is a great definition that I think sums up the term beautifully;

"A brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand (or business, if you prefer). Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and telling about your brand, a story must inspire an emotional reaction. Things that can influence your brand include your product, price, history, quality, marketing, in-store experience, purpose, values, location and–most crucially–what other people say about you." Jane Pope -

I believe that a brand's story is what connects the brand with the consumer in an authentic way and that is where relationships are built and why as consumers we fall in love with certain brands; Apple for example.  The question is, how do you create one, especially when you are just starting out?

Creating a Brand Story in 3 Steps

  1. Write the story of your business so far; how it came to be, where you are right now and where you envisage your business being in 2,3, 5 years. Go deep into this so you can fully appreciate where you have come from and why, what achievements you have made so far and what challenges you are facing and where you intend heading.
  2. Now with what you have written before you, write a power statement that sums up why your business exists and what it stands for.  Don't be tempted to write something that just sounds great for the sake of it. This statement should reflect the story you wrote in step 1.  Seek to go deep and answer the question of why the business exists and what its purpose is, not just for you as the owner, or your employees, but the consumers you seek to serve.
  3. Now you are going to write your brand story. Essentially what you are going to do here is bring part one and two together in a one page document. You are going to tell the story of where you have come from and where you are going in a succinct way and include a paragraph or two on exactly what it is your business stands for and how you are making the world around you better through what you do.

Now you have a brand story, what do you do with it?  Your story can be used in any number of ways, but before you do anything with it, review all of the touch-points of your brand to ensure that at every point a consumer comes into contact with it (or employee for that matter), your brand story is reflected.  If this isn't the case, spend time on changing this.  This means reviewing your website and style of presentation, your services or products, how you promote yourself on social media and in email marketing, even how you answer the phone, or reply to customer enquiries and complaints.  

You should also ensure anyone working for your brand is familiar with your story and it should be part of your induction of new team members.  As an employer it is your responsibility to also ensure that your brand story flows down to your team and informs the culture of your workplace and how you treat your staff too.

Custom Brand Styling For Your Business

If you need help telling your brand story or designing an online presence that reflects it, Styled Images offers a Custom Brand Styling Service.  Our Styled Image Library is also full of images you can use to help you tell your brand story online.  In adding graphics and text to our images we share our tips for designing unique images from our library images.


Styled Shoot for I Do Crew


Styled Shoot for I Do Crew

Custom Brand Styling

Last year we worked with I Do Crew to help establish their new business and to create a shoot that would reflect their individual style. With a focus on developing a series of images that they could use for their new website and social media that would promote their services, we worked with I Do Crew to coordinate and source props for their beautiful shoot.  I Do Crew specialise in wedding coordination services and have a clean modern feel to their brand. They also specialise in a variety of different wedding styles so creating a concept that would appeal to various brides was key for this shoot. We kept things simple with a focus on clean professional images free of clutter that reflected I Do Crew's unique image.

Our Branding package is ideal for businesses seeking to fill their website, blog and/or social media with the right content, but need some help bringing it all together.  If you are looking for help showcasing your brand, your website or blog, in print and via social media, we can help you with a Custom Styled Shoot.  Whether you have an actual product, or a service to offer, consider collaborating with our creative team to find the right look for your Brand.  

Our focus is to create beautifully styled and photographed shoots highlighting your individual style.  To collaborate with us to show off your brand, contact Styled Images about custom Brand Styling.

Below are a few of the images from our shoot with I Do Crew:

Styling & Coordination: Styled Images
Photography: Just for Love Photography


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